Day 13

Writing is a skill. In here I send notes of my writing from the 50 days of writing course by David Perell, to reflect, develop and build my writing style.

Day 13
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In the 13th email from the 50 days of writing course by David Perell, he shares an important message on Lateral Thinking which is how sometimes we don't need to follow the latest trends and play the catch up games for attention amongst many others who are doing the same thing. Instead, we can look for things that are not in the limelight and which gives us scope for new things to be added and provide value to it.

The history of innovation is full of lateral thinking examples. The Dyson vacuum design was inspired by the way sawmills use cyclone force to eject sawdust. Henry Ford borrowed from two industries to design the assembly line: studying the watch industry led to interchangeable parts and the canning industry-inspired continuous flow manufacturing. - David Perell

In the mail, David diverts his audience to his YouTube video, which delves in to the mind of the 21st century's most influential books author of the book "Sapiens - A brief history of Humankind"  - Yuval Noah Harari. In the video, David mentions that Yuval has just written about ideas that people haven't actually read. Many scholars weren't impressed by the book as it was not deep in roots of Anthropology. Although, this book was sold 27 million times. This was because not the topics were not too deep in knowledge of Anthropology - but because of the beautiful story-telling Yuval carries on through out the book.

My thoughts:

The notion of how ideas can be taken and presented in  your own way and not being original does not mean you will be less authentic is interesting. Most of my college days was me wondering I need to be always coming up with great Ideas and for that all I ever do is wonder and wait for that Idea. I remember one of my friend asking what do you  want to do and I would say I want to write a book and their immediate question was 'about what?' and I would go blank - I would try to come up with certain narrations that I found interesting and was carrying around in my head, but then I found out more interesting than writing a book and I started writing blogs/articles.

At the beginning, I started writing about how the pandemic is affecting our lives and how it is going to impact our thoughts and many other things and after a while wrote about my time in Mysore, Karnataka doing my Internship - having those amazing memories. These were fine but I wasn't writing as much just because I thought the ideas have to be unique and authentic for people to read about it. Since taking this 50 days writing course I have been writing everyday sharing my thoughts adding my points on top of the existing ideas of David and honestly this led to me reading about the topic for a solid hour and then writing my notes on it.

Turning Ideas that don't make any sense to other's eyes and bringing a sense of serendipity to the article, is the best way to bring your writing a better meaning.

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