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Let's be honest, everybody loves to share their story but everybody wants to share it all at once, like it's a movie.

In reality, our story unfolds, one day at a time.

Why not, have a weekly check-up on how my story is unfolding with many more sections for life progress, stories I come up with for the book I want to write, snippets, insights, pieces of content I liked, and many more.

I got the idea to call my newsletter "Safarnama" when I was listening to the song with the same name from the Movie "Tamasha".

The lyrics of these songs are:

O.. Safarnama...
Sawaalon ka

Shuru tumse...
Khatam tumpe...

O.. jise dhoonda
Zamaane mein
Mujhhi mein tha

O.. mere saare
Jawaabon ka

That is so profound and so true.

We travel life asking questions to the universe but in turn, should be asking within us and finding joy in the answers we find.

At first, I didn't care to know what safarnama meant but when I got curious I searched and this is what I found:

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Hence, I decided to name my newsletter, this one, the very one where I share my learnings, insights, progress, interests, stories, and whatnot every week.

Some queries answered:

When are these posts published?

I send these posts out via email weekly (I take breaks in between but mostly I will be sending one email per week).

I am not sure what you send out to my email —

Fair enough, why not read the older posts of this newsletter and see for yourself Here is the 🔑.

How to support this newsletter?

If you are looking to support this newsletter, there are 2 ways:

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