I send out weekly snippets of key ideas on how to keep building your creative habits and how important it is to stay creative in this world of constant change and ever-evolving technological advances.

This newsletter is my way of letting you know that it is okay to take time for yourself and work on habits that enrich you creatively.

I will make mistakes, and I may be late at times, but all these efforts are a part of the journey I embark on to learn to build a life with creative habits and hopefully, you take what you are inspired by and start your journey.

Can't seem why I shouldn't state this on the landing page of the newsletter but the advice, tips, and snippets of knowledge may not be helpful to you at all times. These are resources I scoured from the Internet, books, and other writers like me, and mostly are like a spark of an idea of combining two different things to make a new approach to things.

So, if at any point you feel, this is not helpful, you can leave that topic. No pressure. But in return, I ask you this, if you find something useful – try to incorporate it into your life

Some queries answered:

When are these posts published?

I send these posts out via email weekly (I take breaks in between but mostly I will be sending one email per week).

I am not sure what you send out to my email —

Fair enough, why not read the older posts of this newsletter and see for yourself Here is the 🔑.

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