Day 12

Writing is a skill. In here I send notes of my writing from the 50 days of writing course by David Perell, to reflect, develop and build my writing style.

Day 12
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In the 12th email of 50 days of writing by David Perell, David mentions about how we can stand out by looking for things that doesn't make sense.

In the mail, David provides an example of Sam Zell, a billionaire investor who reads newspaper just to search for things that don't make sense. Sam once saw that a Starbucks had opened in Mongolia. he was curious and he flew to Mongolia to see for himself, to his surprise he saw Starbucks open next to mines, which hinted in China's construction boom and by the time he returned from Mongolia, Sam had a distinct and clear picture of the future of the Chinese economy. Why? - Just because the news didn't make sense and Sam was curious.

David also mentions —

If you’re eager for writing ideas, look for things that don’t make sense. Behind them, you’ll find hidden chambers of knowledge that most people aren’t privy to.

My thoughts:

I think this intellectual curiosity is what many people miss out. If people like you and me would have looked at the article reading - "New Starbucks opened at Mongolia" we would have thought it was strange and moved on. We don't follow our intellectual curiosity or we get tired of the intellectual curiosity being deep in hours hours of research.

The term Intellectual curiosity actually has a lot of depth than we give it. It is an underrated term. We as social animals evolved due to Intellectual curiosity. The world we live in came to the present state because of our ancestors Intellectual curiosity. The only thing that changed now is the availability of information is not limited now, only the time we can give is limited.

If only we can manage to give a little amount of time for the intellectual thirst to be fulfilled you and I can bring out amazing amount of information at least to one person. That is a win!

So, the things I took from this mail were:

  1. Stay curious
  2. Time taken for curiosity filling is not time wasted.
  3. Things that don't make sense is the place great inventions and knowledge information is created.  

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