Long time no see

A post sharing my updates and why a gap from posting anything on this site. Long story short - I was dealing with some other things.

Long time no see
Photo by Steven Hille / Unsplash

Hello everyone,

It has been a long time since I have written something here and honestly, I didn't miss it as much as I thought I would.

Life has not been so good lately, was fighting hard to keep myself busy and deal with all the emotions and hard times. I had very little time to think about something else let alone writing.

But time won't stop for you to deal with things properly, I came to the realization that you can't fully process any emotion - you just take the time needed to get back to doing the things you were meant to do, the emotions still stay and keep coming back from time to time but you deal with it while working.

I think it is good that I have taken this break from writing here because I have been writing fragments of my thoughts on threads (the Twitter alternative).

I know I said I didn't write but now I say I wrote on Threads. I wrote to deal with the emotions and I also know I must focus on one platform and stick it to make it as a writer, creator, or whatever you want to call it but I don't care about any of that.

I want to keep sharing and will write stories that will either make you feel entertained or give you a reason to keep reading more.

Just like any writer.

I will make this site a warehouse where every thought I share is stored.

Now, to the points I want to share today with you all regarding the changes I thought for this site:

  1. I will keep writing this newsletter (nothing different will also share the blogs as an email) but a no-context newsletter. There is no particular theme, no particular topic.

    Just one post every week to either share a short snippet of a story I thought of, or short essay, or a curation post.
  2. You can follow me on Threads to read more of my thoughts - Melvin Raj
  3. I am thinking of cleaning up my email list removing all the readers and asking to subscribe again. (Harsh move, I know)

    But this will give me people who will read and engage with the content. If you are reading this and agree with the point, please let me know either by replying to the email or by comments if you are willing to subscribe again or let it stay the way it is.
  4. Lastly, I will start streaming Valorant again. Yes, your boy is getting a new laptop and will probably stream either Valorant or I will learn code while streaming.

    To me, streaming is something that gives accountability. When I stream I am fully focused because I feel someone is watching me and that makes me more focused.

    Weird to think like that but I do feel focused as I can't be distracted when streaming.

That's all for today. It gives me immense joy knowing that you keep reading whatever random stuff I share.

Thank you and I will see you soon.