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I'm Melvin Raj. I am a writer and a gamer.

This site is the hub for all the writings I publish. You can find all my writing practices, courses I have taken, my journey, my stories, essays, book summaries (book notes), and much more.

You can start by reading a few of my essays and sharing thoughts on the pandemic situation that we were in. I am interested in learning new topics and dissecting information, be it from new tech to productivity. It fascinates me how few people are so creative. You can check out my curated readings of people and media websites that I regularly read and follow. I have a list of articles about my introspections of certain aspects of life happening around me.

I take inspiration from any part of the content and I write down most of the highlights to myself but the one piece of highlight that I have made in public that helped me a lot is David Perell's 50-day writing course. I am writing down my notes on each lesson to improve my writing and I can honestly say amongst all the things I was doing in a day, taking 20 mins to write and reflect on learning how to write on the internet is changing my way of learning and consuming content in general.

If you want to start a blog like this and are willing to take the step, I have written a casebook on things to look out for before starting a blog. The Casebook is a place where all the introductory 101's written by me are collected.  

Apart from that, I dissect ideas, thoughts, stories, and a lot more every week.

A few of the many would be:

  1. Ways to Start Writing Online
  2. Atomic Habits - Book Summary
  3. Master The Art Of Showing Up

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Thank you for reading.

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