Welcome To My Online Space.

Welcome To My Online Space.
Picture from my trip to KRS Dam - Mysore, Karnataka.

I may not have coffee to get you started but I have all the writings to keep you entertained.

Hey friends —

I am Melvin, a writer, and a gamer.

Picture from my trip to Pondicherry - 2022

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And finally, in case you are here to have a look at what games I play and enjoy — do check out my YouTube channel, where I started streaming in 2020 but due to other things taking precedence over gaming, I have sidelined this hobby for now.

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You can send a mail to hey@melvinraj.com and I will be replying back at the earliest.

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You can take a look at my personal recommendation of my reading list i.e. the blogs, and articles of people I read endlessly to consume information and have fun while reading.

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You ever see who your people follow on Instagram? The Curated readings is a bunch of people’s writing I follow. Continue to read more...