Day 5

Writing is a skill. In here I send notes of my writing from the 50 days of writing course by David Perell, to reflect, develop and build my writing style.

Day 5
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In the fifth email from the 50 day writing course, David Perell talks about how Writing down makes us a better speakers.

David explains how Neil deGrasse Tyson writes down everything before he speaks in public. He has honed the superpower to speak rhythmically which enhanced him to be an eloquent scientist that he already is along with writing more than 10 books.

In case you haven't seen Neil's genius way of speaking his thoughts take a look at him speak to Joe Rogan in his popular podcast Joe Rogan Experience, you can see Neil's way of thinking and how he speaks and if you read about him you will find amazing relevance to his writing and believe that he writes what he is saying beforehand.

His thoughts and conversations are clearly to the point, if he is misinforming he will acknowledge by saying sorry and corrects himself, which a prepared human can be doing. His writing is the silent weapon which made him a better speaker today. So, I think writing and learning about writing is the strongest and fastest way to speak about things.

My Thoughts:  

Uncovering what writing can be done is amazing. I was wondering that does writing really makes us a better speaker and this medium article sums up all the reasons in favor of Writing.

Writing is a way to think loudly without others hearing about it. It also enhances the phenomenon of Neuroplasticity which means -

the ability of the brain to form and reorganize synaptic connections, especially in response to learning or experience or following injury.

In general terms it is interlinking all our writings to help create better notes for our mind to be conversation ready just like Neil deGrasse Tyson.

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