Day 44

Writing is a skill. In here I send notes of my writing from the 50 days of writing course by David Perell, to reflect, develop and build my writing style.

Day 44
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In the 44th email from 50 days of writing, David Perell deplores about the phrase 'Finding your Niche.'

David mentions Finding a niche always felt to him passive. He metaphorically explains niche as an Easter egg that we will find if we look hard enough.

He further mentions the difference between finding a niche and creating one mirrors the difference between existing demand and created demand.

When you build a Personal Monopoly, you are creating demand for an idea people didn’t know they were interested in. The most successful creators tend to define their own subculture instead of molding themselves into existing ones.

He finally, concludes saying that Differentiation on the internet is free marketing. The more you avoid competition, the better. Once you settle on  newfound intellectual real estate, it's time to build.

My thoughts:

I always found it hard to find to niche. I mean to be honest, I like the mix of Writing, Designing and Gaming. I found it hard to figure out what is my Niche.

Hence I am writing at different places for different things.

For example,

I write about the Design under a Substack account as a newsletter at The Design Story.

The Design Story
Delivering resources and insights on UX design through learnings every single week.

I write articles bout productivity, Introspections and mental models and how to learn different aspects of life here on this website.

Melvin Raj
I’m a UX Designer and a Writer. I share my writings and a weekly newsletter curating and dissecting information on the topics ranging from Tech to Media.

For gaming, I have a YouTube channel where I used to stream and I must say I enjoyed streaming a lot. It was super fun.

This was to not have all mix up together. Maybe I was wrong but I want different aspect of writing live in a different space.

I may never find my niche but diversifying my writing across platform help me have a writing habit think about cross writing - i.e. add a point from one article in my own website to the The design story and vice versa.

Writing everyday is a lot of fun and it actually helps me a lot. I went from not being able to articulate the thoughts in my mind to freely speaking my thoughts and asking if they get it. I don't rely on my mind to fetch me topics to talk about but, I have this revised knowledge that I can speak about.

To summarize, Finding a niche is creating opportunities that didn't exist. As David mentions Differentiation is free marketing. Nobody expects Elon Musk to be selling  Flame Throwers,  Yet one of his company sells them (The Boring Company). Opportunities are created because of Differentiation of concepts. Let us keep experimenting.

Thank you for reading.

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