Day 28

Writing is a skill. In here I send notes of my writing from the 50 days of writing course by David Perell, to reflect, develop and build my writing style.

Day 28
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In the 28th email of the 50-day writing course, David Perell talks about how writing online is like bringing dessert to a party. You can either invent your own recipe or add a unique twist to a popular one.

David mentions how we must bring something unique when going to a friend's party. Something unique that sets your meal apart. He states desserts are the way to go. It separates you from the regular people who bring in drinks, meals, and others. While you bring in desserts. You are clearly setting yourself apart.

He also mentions that if you want your unique blend of dessert/party meals to stand out it must be decorative to attract. Apart from being tasty, it should look good.

In the writing part of this metaphor, David states that -

look for in-demand topics that nobody else is writing about. At a party where people are only expected to bring appetizers, this is the ice cream in the heart of your chocolate cake or the Kahlua liqueur to match it. The biggest risk is that nobody wants what you have to offer. To solve that, look for an unnamed topic that people are already talking about. Then plant your flag in the middle of its orbit.

In the final thoughts of the email, David mentions avoiding competition by bringing treats that everybody wants but nobody thought to bring. Even if you are bringing the same thing add something unique to the recipe that you can talk about which is completely yours.

My thoughts:

This email was an interesting one with respect to writing better and bringing something unique to the table. I always think oh everything is already written what can I do to make it better and end up always sharing my thought or my take on the idea and that gives me immense happiness that I could add my points that are valid.

Now, I understand why reaction videos and book summaries are wonderful. It gives us a perspective from other's views and also from the videos or books that we consume.

I will probably think of it whenever I am going to a party what can I possibly bring that is unique and matches the vibe of the party and is attractive?

As for writing, Adding your take on things is an amazing way to learn and will improve the concept of the said article even better. The best way is to take notes, obviously, and other pivots of writing you will get to find these interesting people reaching out to talk about it.

The person I will recommend to watch out for who brings something unique to the idea is Ali Abdaal.

He has this book club series which is amazing, I bought the audiobook of Atomic habits on Audible after watching his video. It gave me the insight and intrigue to read more. He brings out different stories and shows the main points by writing them out, which to me is insightful as bringing dessert to a party.

In conclusion, I will definitely try out adding one clear and distinct idea on top of others' ideas always and build it. I will have an amazing time learning and sharing the knowledge along.

Thank you for reading.

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