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Hey Friends —

I am Melvin Raj. I am a UX Designer, Writer, and a Gamer from Hyderabad, India.

I love writing, I believe the only thing that feels as a job is to tell stories. We tell stories every where - from escaping angry yelling's of your boss to having someone buy your product, we story-tell. I want to learn that story-telling part. and Story-telling actually improves if we can write well. Hence, I put forward various hats as a writer. You can expect a variety of articles varying from Design to anecdotes, from Notes on learning to write to Book summaries. Everything has to be aligned at one place for you people to know what I must be doing everyday typing away on my keyboard. This is what I do. I write.

Melvin Raj
Designer, Writer and Gamer — I blog about topics I’m interested in. Hopefully you’ll find some of it interesting too.

Online PC FPS games have been a very huge part of my college life and is an absolute gem of a way to spend time enjoying.

I stream games on YouTube but currently shelved this hobby of mine to focus more on writing and learning UX design.

I will sure focus more on this hobby at some time in future. Right from building my own setup to streaming everyday for a year ultimately churning more Gaming content and hopefully writing articles on it.

You can follow me on Twitter where I update most of my links, writing process and dissect information on Design, Tech and a lot more.