Journey before Destination

A small post to remind us all including myself about the important thing while doing something is to trust the process and journey before the destination.

Journey before Destination
Photo by Brad Neathery / Unsplash

Hey, y'all!!!!

I keep going back to watching Haikyuu from Netflix and honestly I always feel the same chills for a few scenes even though I watched it like 5 times already...

If you don't know, Haikyuu is an anime series that revolves around the volleyball team Karasuno and how they get to play nationals. This is the main core of the story but actually, you will see many interesting stories.

The music, the animation, the story, the characters....everything aligns so well.

It keeps you hooked every second. Anyway, there is one character 'Kita' who always believed in a routine, a system, and he always says the process is more important than the result. This is not his learning, but what his grandmother taught him. I believe, she says somebody is always watching you, so do good things and be good.

Kita With His Grandmother - Haikyuu
Kita With His Grandmother - Haikyuu 

It is something we always hear that journey is more important than the destination and always think about it but never believe in it. I was being the same. I was writing, working, and playing games but always had some fixed goal I was working towards and sometimes I forget enjoying the process. I believe, some of you as well never realize about the process and forget the main thing which is to enjoy the thing we are doing.

In the series,  When Kita mentions it for the first time to a friend, Aran. He thinks that Kita is saying something stupid, but as it comes to a season end when the game is done, Aran will come to realize what Kita meant. I don't want to ruin the season for you but I definitely want you to watch it😋.

We keep hearing this a lot of times but as Austin Kleon mentions in his book Steal Like An Artist -

“Everything that needs to be said has already been said. But since no one was listening, everything must be said again.”― André Gide

I am writing this post to remind you and myself that believe in the process you are going through and keep doing the things you enjoy.

The only example from my personal experience that now that I think back makes sense is the one from when I was in Mysore.

I was trying to be fit and decided to take up running, It was my internship period for three months, and the company had a running track. My end result was to run the entire track 5 times without stopping and I achieved it in 2 months.

This example is probably mentioned a lot of times in this blog, but it is the one where I am really proud of myself for actually doing what I liked and enjoying the process while doing it.

I have written about the entire experience of Mysore in 3 articles and one recently when It has been two years, since the Internship.

Here are all the links if you want to check out:

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I know sometimes the process might be repetitive and there will be days when we don't feel like doing it. I don't do anything on those days. I will be on my bed, watching movies, and series, sleeping, and playing games. You don't have to force yourself to do things. If you genuinely think that it is not that necessary for today, then taking a break is good.

Having things you enjoy doing is always a good thing, as you can move between projects and keep creating something.

In conclusion, here are a few things that I think are important to remember. I personally wanted to be reminded of these and writing about them help me.

  1. Trust in the process
  2. It is okay to do something out of ordinary once in a while
  3. Do either the things you love or try to enjoy loving the things you do.

Thank you for reading.

I recently interviewed one of my friends from college who is a freelance digital artist and an animator to understand his field of interest and some bits about how digital art is made. We talk about a lot of things from art to freelance. You can check out the article and listen to the podcast from the links below.

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You can read the show notes and take a look at the resources mentioned here.

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