The Pause

This post is about the time I have spend my lockdown in the Infosys, Mysore. Continue below to read...

The Pause
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This is the third post in the series of my amazing time I spent in Infosys - Mysore

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Hello my fellow readers, hope you're doing good. Welcome to the third and final part of the ongoing blog series. It has been a pleasure since the time I kept sharing my blogs online; I just love how much it encourages me to write even more.

So in the last part, I talked about the time I spent in Mysore at Infosys. well since the spread of the COVID was increasing day by day in India, around march people were starting to panic and being cautious in the start... although no one thought our lives will come to a pause, yet it did and now we sort of hit the play button to our lives again but this third and final part is about how the pause phase was for me and I guess for the most of us, its the same.

During my internship, we suddenly were told to leave to our respective cities and that our internship is completed with our jobs safe. so all were booking their trip to return home and I had a bus ticket along with my friend who was travelling to Hyderabad with me. The day came to leave Infosys, we boarded the bus. settled in the bus and after 45 minutes, the servicemen told us we will be dropping you all where we picked you because no buses are actually crossing state borders as the lockdown was implemented. So we both were panic-stricken as to what to do now and when they dropped us again at Infosys. the officials let us in as there was no place to go for us.

A total of 200 people were stuck during this lockdown and Infosys has treated them with such good care as in the food, service and basic amenities, clinic everything was running with extra precautions. In my circle of friends, two of my classmates and my friend from college were stuck during the lockdown and the only thing we could do was hope that lockdown opens soon and we get back home safely. We got our old rooms back to stay for this period.

There was this incomprehensible fear inside us, I don't know how to explain because nobody knew what was about to happen and how will it get back to normal well we still have no sure answer but at least some idea.

So then we all made sure our family knew that we are safe here and just thought of relaxing since there was nothing else to do. The next day, made a friend who was just in the same situation as we were and started talking and we four used to hang out all the time... In order to pass the time we bought the badminton rackets, ludo and also played a few games on mobile. in the evenings usually, after chai, we go out to walk around the campus and play badminton in the football ground until dinner and then come back to the room. I had few close friends from Infosys who got back to their home and they were worried about us, made us feel like they were just by our side and also cheering up when we were feeling low as there was Easter and I always celebrated it with family so this time I got to celebrate with my friends. These friends used to play pubg mobile and we had a team of four and played the whole day like crazy as there was nothing else to do.

So, my routine was wake up at 12 have lunch, come to the room, start playing pubg mobile until 5-6 and then go out watch beautiful sunsets, play badminton have our dinner and walk around a little more and talk stories, anecdotes and a lot of stuff. then come back to my room and play pubg mobile with the same friends until 3 at night and then go to sleep.

This was my routine for two whole months with casual jogs in between and movies, TV shows were also in the mix.

during that time, All the people let forgot about their current situations and had a great time talking.

I always had a thing for writing, games and podcasts.

I love doing those it was during that time I realized having a passion to do something creative is absolutely necessary. my friend and I had a conversation as to what would I do if I had a YouTube channel... I was completely dumbfounded as to what to say and then said probably will shoot a documentary of people on the streets or of the city( probably in the future for sure) but then also a gaming channel. that's when I decided that after reaching I will stream whatever I play so that I have something that I do passionately.... and writing is just one of those things where when you read a great book you feel like writing one of your own.

so I started by writing these blogs and I loved and still love the whole process which goes into it.....rough draft, first edit, the second edit by a friend! and then summarizing my blog and finally publishing. It just gives me the push to do several things at a time...

the whole two months went by so fast unknowingly we just didn't think that we get to be on this campus this empty.....the food court where in order to get a plate of Dosa took 40 mins at peek times was just a single line of 10 people.

the running tracks of nearly 50 people in the morning pushing themselves to be healthy were just 5 -10 people.

the grocery store where to get your order billed took 20 mins were directly done.

The road in front of a multiplex which leads to GEC and GEC-2 was never this empty.

It was the most unforgettable experience for two months with all the bonding, talking walking, clicking pictures, photoshoots, dominos, ice-creams, games and movies. A huge Thanks to Infosys for allowing us to stay and giving us the services which every man needed which meant some of the workers not going to their hometown to stay with their family in those times just to make us feel safe and keep us healthy. The officials too were with us walking, having talks once in a while and letting us explore the campus.






GEC - 2









So after two whole months, the lockdown was slowly unlocking, flights started running, my father came to pick me up in car from Hyderabad as interstate transportation had started. and finally, our whole journey with Infosys as interns ended in May. So that brings us to the end of the three-part series of blog.

I just can't help but think and smile at all the memories, the friends, the trip, the rides, the bonds I made.

This whole 6 months of a journey just made me realize 3 things like never before.

1. Savings are necessary

2. Do more than one job that keeps you busy.

3. Always.....Family comes first.

The bonds I have from this journey will be a special one and I will always maintain that bond with each one of them.

The loveliest people were introduced to me who are just great to hang out with.

on a final note, The place had everything that will make a person see their better self and make sure they try to be that person.

that's it for the third part, I hope you enjoyed this three-part series.

In the next blogs, I might be trying out short stories just to improve my writings on how to make a scene and make characters have conversations.

until then, be safe and be sane!

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