Why Are We Here, If Not To Tell Stories...

This is a small post explaining why we need to tell our story and become a documentarian.

Why Are We Here, If Not To Tell Stories...
Photo by Aaron Burden / Unsplash

Hey, y'all!

How are you doing? I feel I haven't written any personal post in a while and thought why not write one when I sat down to write today.

This coming June will technically be my second year of writing stuff online and I honestly can say that I am just getting started. What I mean is it took me two years to figure out what goes where and how to be consistent.

In these two years, I have consumed a lot of information and there is a saying -

You are what you consume.

If this is true, then the books, articles, and videos I watched only made me realize one thing that is to tell your story.

Now, by your story, I don't mean the epic saga of how you reached a top position when you were in the absolute lows or vice versa.

You can share your story of that one night when you were not feeling sleepy and everybody in your home was fast asleep. So, you snuck out to go on a little bike ride and click some pictures around the city. While you were aimlessly roaming around you felt an unexplainable happiness. It felt as if being outside with your thoughts and clicking pictures is what makes you happy.

You can even tell about the daily activities you do - stuff like you walked around the metro station while waiting for the train and found a baby boy playing with a puppy and smiling uncontrollably. You can tell about the time you were just binge-watching Netlfix tv shows and suddenly a burst of inspiration kicked in and decided that you will change your life but didn't (Feels as if I personally attacked myself here😅).

Stories that are actually a daily activity to you will be something filled with hope and joy for others.  What are we doing by forgetting that we are here to tell our stories and share them with others?

I am a personal believer in being a documentarian a role/description I took from the book Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon.

In my experience, it's in the act of making things and doing our work that we figure out who we are - Austin Kleon

Seeing people do amazing things but not sharing them online is almost as if you making a delicious meal and eating it by yourself without sharing.

That is all I am here to say today. Tell stories, write about how you feel, make art that brings you peace, dance to the songs that make you feel like a star, and sing the songs you always wanted to sing out loud. After all, it is in those moments that life unknowingly finds its meaning.

Thank you for reading.

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