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When can we expect from Weekly Brew? 

You can expect a curated list of articles, videos, podcasts, book recommendations, Audio-book recommendations, and a lot more every Saturday.

Why Saturday?

Just Picked a random date. Also, January 01, 2022, happened to be on a Saturday. 

What are the Rules Of Weekly Brew? 

  1. Subscribe and Share.
  2. Expect articles from a few paid parties such as hbr.org, Bloomberg, etc.(which means you must sign in to their website to get access to read them.)
  3. You can contact or share your feedback with me at hey@melvinraj.com
  4. I want to build a better audience who engages with the articles. So, if inactive for 5 weeks i.e. 5 issues, you will be marked inactive.
  5. Lastly, keep learning, and in case you have some great articles that you would like to share in future issues - send me a DM on Twitter or mail me at hey@melvinraj.com.

Who writes Weekly Brew?

This newsletter is written by me, your humble and one who likes to sit in front of a laptop all day writer Melvin Raj from melvinraj.com

Where can I see the previous issues? 

You can find all the previous issues here: Archive

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Weekly Brew Newsletter | Melvin Raj
Weekly Brew Newsletter | Melvin Raj