Weekly Brew #53

The last post from the weekly brew editions. Brewing curations from all over the internet.

Weekly Brew #53
Weekly Brew Newsletter | Melvin Raj

Happy New Year in advance everyone. We are just a few hours away from a new start.

The final week of the year is here and so is the last newsletter from the weekly brew. It was a fantastic year of weekly writing.

I hope I have added some value to the content I have shared in these newsletters from the internet. You can read a few of the best-curated content from all the weeks in the 50th post.

That being said,  I am excited about all the new newsletters you will be receiving from 2023. It is focused on providing something interesting every week on creativity, productivity, and how to be better.

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Musings from this week:

This article is a good reminder of habit formation and what it takes to maintain consistency. Before 2023, do read this one to form better habits.

Consistency - A Checkbox Method | Melvin Raj
This article covers the simple yet most impactful way of staying consistent. The Checkbox method makes you closer to the identity you want to become.
  • Instagram Reel: “The Garden of Earthly Delights” by Hieronymus Bosch 🍃. Check out the painting and the meaning behind it.
  • TV Show: Jack Ryan is back with season 3 and this time Jack is in Russia and the story unfolds like crazy. I think this is enough to get you interested.
  • Movie: I watched Top Gun Maverick on Amazon Prime Video this week and I am not sure why I missed it in the theatre. I would have loved it more for sure.
  • Movie: I watched Qala on Netflix. This movie is something that needs your attention to watch as it may have you drifting away a bit but the songs in this movie are phenomenal.

That's it for this year. See you all in a new way next year. Until then, drink coffee, write, learn and repeat.

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