Weekly Brew #52

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Weekly Brew #52
Weekly Brew Newsletter | Melvin Raj

Happy holidays everyone. The final week of the year is here and so are the last two newsletters of this year. It was an amazing year of weekly writing.

I hope I have added some value to the content I have shared in these newsletters from the internet. You can read a few of the best-curated content from all the weeks in the 50th post.

That being said, ย I am excited about all the new newsletters you will be receiving from 2023. It is focused on providing something interesting every week on creativity, productivity, and how to be better.

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Musings from this week:

The Secret Life of Time
It may seem slippery and maddeningly abstract, but itโ€™s also deeply intimate, infusing our every word and gesture.
  • Reels: Information about the new ball they used for the world cup. ย 
  • Movie: I watched the Glass Onion movie on Netflix. It is a good watch. So, if you are looking for a suspense movie this weekend, do watch it. ย 
  • TV- Show: If you are a suspense fan, please watch Alice in Borderland. You will love it.

That's it for this weekend.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas.

Thank you for reading

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