Weekly Brew #51

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Weekly Brew #51
Weekly Brew Newsletter | Melvin Raj

Everyone must be thinking of the same thing these coming weeks β€” Let's set up some goals for next year. I am one of them. However, goal setting is easier than doing the work. So, I would recommend you fixate on how to make it easy for yourself to make it a habit. Β 

One easy method, I found helpful in the past is the checkbox method. You have to decide to show up every day and be the person you want to be and then the path toward your goal actually starts.

Let's do some good next year.

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This week's musings:

  • Article: How urban poor make financial decisions β€” This article is a summary of the financial lives of urban poor households and reading this has made me realize the financial decisions I have to make. I believe as a 2-year experienced senior system engineer like me is just a few steps ahead of the urban poor.

    Key takeaways would be to invest better, spend less, and diversify income. Read the article here:
How do urban poor make financial decisions?
Uncovering the financial behavior of urban poor households
  • Reels: Watch this guy sing the wavin' flag song using a coke tin, a comb, and a guitar. Check it out here.
  • Tweet: I think postcards will make a big comeback someday but that's a topic for another day. Β Check out this postcard of Hussain Sagar (Tankbund). Β 
  • Video: Understand Zines - (Pronounced like Jeans, short for magazine.)

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