Weekly Brew #50

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Weekly Brew #50
Weekly Brew Newsletter | Melvin Raj

Hey, I am Melvin and you are reading the weekly brew newsletter. You signed up here to receive exciting curations in your inbox.

It is the 50th post that you are reading and I am elated that I have been posting weekly one post/email for the past 50 weeks. This post will be long and for the first time free for everyone to read on the web.

Writing these newsletter posts every week is one of the few process love to do. I find interesting things from articles to reels, to videos, and save them in either a WhatsApp group that contains only me or to a notion page and use the Instagram save feature just for this. I have been sharing resources for the past 50 weeks and this week, I will share some old but good ones and some changes moving forward. I feel I can write about them because these are good changes.  

  1. Removing the name weekly brew — This will be starting from the first post of January. There are two reasons, I decided to do this. First, the name is not giving a better description of what my newsletter shares. Second, I want the newsletter to focus on curious traits of mine (more on it later.)
  2. Making it free for all — Starting from January 2023, this newsletter will be free (open to read by anyone clicking the link) and can be viewed by anyone. The only catch is I share my personal updates and stories via email. So, if you want to read more about me, you need to sign up and read it by email. (Just like today, I shared my thoughts on shopping and IKEA.)
  3. Introducing a WhatsApp community — I will be sharing a WhatsApp community link in the coming weeks where you can join for free and share interesting things you learn to help others learn and get educated and entertained.
  4. Lastly, I am thinking of adding a paid newsletter post as well, which will include something more. So, if you guys are interested in supporting. Do sign up from the link below.

These changes will not reflect in such a way that requires you to do the work. You will be receiving the posts in a similar way. to your inbox and will be updated on social media.

Let me know what you think of these changes by sending a reply in the mail or by comments under this post.

Here's the best of 50 weeks of curations:


  1. Are we too busy to enjoy life? - If you ever answered I'm too busy to do this or I never get the time - read this article to reflect if we are truly busy or creating an illusion of productivity by doing more work.
  2. 5 - Japanese life philosophies worth knowing - Japanese traditions and their way of living life are being adapted and studied extensively. That is because the Japanese traditions have led them to be one of the longest-living and happiest people in the world.  So, it is better to understand a few of their philosophies.
  3. Not a day without a line - The advantage of doing something every day is something most people always under-appreciate. This article demonstrates how artists from the past to modern artists draw something every day.

    Contemporary Spanish artist Antonio Saura (1930–1998) also made it his intention during one year — “During all this year, I am doing one drawing a day, from a news item or a picture found in the daily press. (…) I am going to busy myself with this extreme idea that conditions my life (…).”
  4. Life is a picture, but you live in a pixel - A beautifully written blog about how we must be grateful for each day. It shows gratitude for simply existing each day is how you can draw a beautiful canvas of life.
  5. Articulation - No matter what you do, you must have the skill of articulating your thoughts and ideas to get ahead or at the very least stand out. This article demonstrates how to get better at articulating ideas.

Interesting reels:

  1. One thing I want to experience once in my life is the immersive Van Gogh exhibition. Here's a reel of paintings of Van Gogh.
  2. One simple way to play the Interstellar theme on your keyboard.
  3. Evolution of Anime
  4. This too shall pass ( Tom Hanks from one of the round tables)
  5. Broken window theory

Movie/tv show  recommendations from the 50 posts:

  1. Rang De Basanti
  2. Ponniyin Selvan
  3. The billion-dollar code
  4. The playlist
  5. The social dilemma
  6. Asuran


  1. Alag aasmaan
  2. mystery of love
  3. Make you mine
  4. O'rangrez
  5. Marakkama Nenjam

Here are some of my older posts if you want to read something interesting:


  1. History of the entire world, I guess
  2. Coldplay's scientist and yellow cover - Instrumental
  3. How the economic machine works
  4. The psychology of your future self
  5. Inside the mind of a master procrastinator
  6. The gap - creative process by Ira Glass

That's all for this post. One thing, that will remain the same is the gifs at the end.

Thank you for reading! 

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