Transformation Than Imitation

Watched the talk between Austin Kleon and Colin and Samir. I found the video to be filled with interesting points to take. Hence, writing a few thoughts.

Transformation Than Imitation
Photo by Tanbir Mahmud / Unsplash

In this interview, Colin and Samir asked Austin Kleon about plagiarism, mediocrity, practice in private and public, and how to be original.

If you are in any part of your creative journey and you face this problem of either not finding ideas or finding ideas but there are already people doing similar work.

So, how to be unique or stand out or not feel guilty that you may be stealing?

Well, Austin says in this video that you need to transform than just imitate.

To transform, I believe you need a lot of observation and inspiration under your set. It will broaden your mindset and bring in a lot of creativity because you are transforming ideas from a wide set of inspirations. That is what good artists need to do.  

You need to be able to try out and fail at different things. But still – I would think it is a noble pursuit rather than imitating and gaining virality.

Another thing that has sparked a thought after watching this video is to keep some things for yourself.

You don't need to show how some things you do are done. It helps keep your spark for creative habits alive and brings in a lot more curiosity to you and the people who are watching your work.    

As always, the important lesson of all that I took from Austin Kleon is to take what you need and leave the rest.