The Unsung Heroes Of The Pandemic World

Let us all thank all the people who are working everyday tirelessly — The unsung heroes of the pandemic.

The Unsung Heroes Of The Pandemic World
Photo by Luke Jones / Unsplash

The world around us is affected by something or the other and with the constant increase in the pandemic situation and decrease in the global economy, every family is trying their best to survive and exist with all the happiness they have.

It is not wrong to say that these situations have put us three years behind our actual timelines which we must have been on, students being held for a year, employees losing their job or on the verge of dilemma so as to what is going to happen, healthcare workers and others are doing their best standing in the frontlines and even sending positive notes by the hopes of recovering patients.
Among all these people who not only have been risking their lives but also fearlessly facing the situation boldly, there are a few unsung heroes whom we all know but never acknowledge and I dedicate this blog post to each one of them who are fighting hard on keeping things sane!!!!!!!
The whole world went into lockdown and all were asked to stay indoors all the hard work and pressure has been put on the homemaker. Everyone knows it's hard for everybody to be by themselves, yet these homemakers especially women of our family who are the homemaker in most cases have been constantly working to feed the family. taking the example of my home, my mother is the homemaker and was more shocked and panicked than any of us about the pandemic and was ready with all the precautions and everything, also making sure that we all have our appetites filled. This also applies to the moneymaker of the house, they are hopeless about where to bring money from when there is no one working and all the shops closed all of a sudden and everything, it just must have been their nightmare come to life for us youngsters, it is a setback but we have a lot of years to get back on our feet, but these people have their career goals and everything so close to achieving and suddenly all just gone in a moment..... everything snatched from them their dreams, the hope of living in their own house, the joyous first long car ride in their own car..... which I know is a dream for many and would love to do all these.
so this post is an appreciation and honest request to all of you who are reading it that help your family members and help yourselves. You don't have to lift heavy weights or climb ten stories of stairs just do your work and help with regular house chores, it might be a way of meditating for you too.
Being mindful of the work also improves our concentration and moreover, time goes by so fast that you won't even realize it. All I want to say is don't be that guy who just sits around in a home doing nothing, everyone has their own battles to fight but homemakers and moneymakers are the ones fighting the real battle now in these tough times, those battles being basic needs of food and shelter in most of the families.
A hearty thanks to all who just keep doing the things that keep us going, thank you to all the frontline workers who are risking their lives and thank you to all the researchers and developers who are developing and learning about something that is so new and so deadly yet silent. You guys are the reason we can live a little peacefully.

Thanks for reading this post. I truly appreciate your time and attention.

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