The Fight That Spread Joy

Ever thought there will be a time where hundreds of people will fight for a name? This epic meme battle took place for real!

The Fight That Spread Joy
Photo by Birmingham Museums Trust / Unsplash

On April 2020, an Arizona student Josh Swain, 22, jokingly messaged dozens of people who shared his name and challenged them to a fight.

Josh Fight Group Screenshot
The Screenshot of the group chat

It quickly went viral.

A year later, hundreds of people called Josh arrived in Lincoln, Nebraska, to battle for the popular name.

The event started according to a news reporter with rock paper scissors between two guys, one being the creator Josh Swain and guess what the other guy is named, it's Josh Swain. Every one of them had battled with the long balloons called noodles. The subsequent pool noodle fight was open to anyone with the first name Josh. Dozens of Josh - some wearing Spider-Man costumes and others in Jedi robes - tried to hit one another with the noodles and a large crowd of cheering supporters Witnessed the great battle.

The Battle of Josh😁

It was chaotic and funny at the same time. Imagine you were there to watch all this and suddenly someone from behind yelled "Josh, You suck!!!!" Suddenly Hundreds of josh turn their heads towards that person😲

Anyway, You know what my favorite part of this fight was, THE WINNER!!!!

The winner was a 4-year-old Josh Vinson Jr, nicknamed Little Josh, He received a Burger King crown, a champion's belt and a small trophy.

The creator of this Sensational event said he started it because of the pandemic boredom and he didn't expect these many people to show up.

The Josh's actually raised a fund of around 6000 pounds (8400 dollars) and donated it to local children's hospital.

Though it may seem silly, this event brought me hope. Even when things seem to be at their darkest — like when the original meme surfaced during the intense haze of quarantine — there are still those willing to go to great lengths to instill humor and bring joy to those like Little Josh.

The internet is a vastly powerful tool, and if it can organize something as ridiculous as the Josh Fight, I wonder what else could be accomplished through tasteful memes for great causes. While I was concerned at the surprising lack of Joshes with masks( I guess the people are vaccinated), a little fun during the pandemic is nice to see. When we’re forced to be apart, something can always bring us back together — even if it’s just having the same name.

I see a lot of people coming forward helping, putting their foot in front to provide for the needy and it is absolutely beautiful to see all collectively in their own way helping others.

This post is dedicated to all the internet people who came forward in the tough times doing their bit.

Lots of love and respect.

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