The 5 am Club

Book Summary

THE 5 AM CLUB is a book written by Robin Sharma in 2018.

Robin Sharma was a lawyer by profession before becoming a world-class speaker and writer. One of his famous works is The Monk who sold his Ferrari. which was interestingly a self-published book but later picked up for distribution by Harpercollins Publishers.


The 5 AM CLUB talks about how successful people have a morning ritual and how you can achieve great success in fields you take interest in. In the Parable, An artist who lost touch with his creativity and almost considered a failed artist and an entrepreneur who was told to leave her own company, attend a conference held by the Spell Binder, who is a mentor to many and as he speaks the Spell Binder collapses onto the ground which then, led the two guys meeting a homeless man who knew all of the Spell Binder's teachings and actually was the spell binder's student, a successful billionaire Stone Riley, which was unveiled later. The Billionaire takes two of them on a world tour explaining to them the different lessons to be history makers.

  1. Riley’s first lesson for his companions was to wake up early every day.
  2. How habits are formed.
  3. the 20/20/20 Formula
  4. capitalize on their talents, avoid distraction, achieve every day, and master themselves.
  5. Giving attention to each of the four interior empires will allow you to master yourself and your chosen field.

  1. The author explains how waking up early was one of the essential ways which set us apart from the people who don't, also, while transforming the only person you compare is with yourself to achieve better results.
  2. According to the author, habits are formed from consistency and willpower. He also comes down to explain that if you have low willpower building by practicing every day will reap you great successes and to show the example, The billionaire had the entrepreneur and the artist fly to Agra to see the Taj Mahal. As it was constructed over a period of 2 decades.
  3. 20/20/20 formula: This was the most fun learning of the book according to me and it goes, as soon as you wake up just assign an hour with 20 minutes each to one task. for example 20 minutes of exercising to keep your body boosted after a good sleep. next 20 mins reflecting as to journaling your process or reflecting how much you have done, and finally, last 20 minutes reading or listening to something which provides information.
  4. In this lesson, it is told that avoiding distraction and knowing what to do is only 20% of the task done. To complete the task, we need to work on it step-by-step, every day until we do it. The end of the task is not much exiting but remembering the effort put in every day is much more satisfying,
  5. In this lesson, the billionaire explains how the four pillars of mastering yourself. That is
  • Mindset
  • Heart set
  • Health set and
  • Soul set

The billionaire also says that we should remember who we are and what our purpose is. We get pulled into the superficial things in life, so it helps to take time out for ourselves and be alone with our thoughts. In those quiet moments of the early morning, think about what you have to offer the world, then bond with your hero inside of you.

❤ My favorite quote from the Book

Every professional was once an amateur, and every master started as a beginner. Ordinary people can accomplish extraordinary feats, once they’ve routinized the right habits."

This is what we need to understand or learn from the very start and start building ourselves up. As the phrase goes Rome isn't built in a day.

It means working every day with achievable tasks can lead you to much-accomplished success somewhere in the future for sure.

🏫 My learnings:

  1. No success comes without routinized habits
  2. Having a Mindset, Heart set, Health set, and Soul set is what sets us on a journey to success.
  3. Waking up early i.e. waking up an hour early than the usual time to work on yourself is very important to learn and reflect.
  4. Most of all, I am glad this book talks about having a good sleep. Because most self-help books actually forget to say the obvious and people get rusty after a day, and lose motivation. So I thought it was a good thing they mentioned that.

If you are interested in reading the book

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