Talks, Rides And A Whole Lot Of Memories

This is the second part of my ongoing three-part series which I haven't given a name yet but each part represents how our perspective on life and a small step every day can make us climb a mountain and also break one!

Talks, Rides And A Whole Lot Of Memories
Photo by Annie Spratt / Unsplash

In the last part, I talked about how I reached Mysore, and this part is about the time I spent in Mysore and the memories I made, which I will cherish forever. The kick start to my days at Infosys happened right after my parents left for my hometown and I settled in with a pleasant goodbye. I was video calling each and every person I'm close with and showing them the whole campus. I can't describe how good the campus is — just look at it yourself.

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In here, You can find about the trip that was around 1700 km and we made all this happen in 5-6 days

This is the second part of my ongoing three-part series which I haven't given a name yet but each part represents how our perspective on life and a small step every day can make us climb a mountain and also break one!

GEC -2
GEC-2, Infosys Mysore

GEC - 2
GEC - 2
GEC - 2 (2)
multiplex at infosys
Multiplex in Infosys, Mysore. 
gate - 2
ecc - 89
ECC - 85
ECC - 95
GEC - 2

The place had a vibe that made me think positively and believe in myself even more! The personal goal I decided to have for the ongoing months was to

  • make a habit of exercising or jogging  
  • eat small complete 4 meals  
  • Have a sleep pattern and maintain it  at least for the next 3-4 months
  • Learn whatever courses are given to me with full concentration no matter the result  
  • Enjoy my days to the fullest!

And I have to say I pretty much achieved every goal I set myself. I used to jog or walk every day for 5kms and at first, I couldn't do one round across the track but I didn't push myself all at once, I rather took baby steps and made an extra quarter lap extra every time I jogged and did it constantly until I felt comfortable. After jogging I usually had breakfast and rushed to the classes it was a long walk but with my friends and the playlist I listen to made it easier. The rest of the day is learning the class assigned and doing the assignments. most of my days were in that room full of people from all over the country and making friends only benefits us. I have always been comfortable and can quickly adapt to any situation, so I blended easily. but yeah at times, it made me feel like a misfit in that situation, but I adjusted pretty well. the talks I had with my fellow mates about their college and their friends and me telling my stories and also learning while helping each other. the best part of classes were the friends around me and the break times having coffee and tea;  be it for five minutes it helped us connect with each other have fun and interact about different parts of their lifestyle and their background! Then after the classes, we can make the decision to either stay and complete assignments or make other plans with our friends, and my friends and I mostly stayed on campus and had all the fun there learning and talking. Every Saturday was my laundry day and while I did my laundry, I also read a book during that time and it helped me finish 4 books in three months. it is not much but at least something I never felt the need to rest and wanted to do something. The faculty was very friendly and also concerned about teaching us most of the time. I made another friend who just appreciated the pictures I clicked and posted on Instagram and started talking and finally met him and it was a pleasure talking about his passion for singing and how he appreciates others' work and talked about our future works, just like a good friend/colleague would do. It's funny how a small picture can make you connect. I used to sometimes stop studying and go play snooker which is an indoor sport I  love and on weekends go out to visit the tourist places of Mysore and the thing about Mysore is it has this calmness which resonates in me! I always like quiet cities over the fast-moving cities. During my stay at Mysore, I visited Chamundi hills, Balmuri falls Mysore palace the second time and few parks around the city and all the malls in the city!

Chamundi Temple

The pink skies
Chamundi Hills
just a peek inside mysore palace

mysore palace -2
Mysore Palace

golden hour from a park
sunset at balmuri falls
Balmuri Falls

the small boat at balmuri falls
Balmuri Falls
balmuri falls -2
Balmuri Falls

balmuri falls - 3

brindavan gardens
Brindavan Garden

So yeah this went on for three continuous months and it was amazing. Once before this lockdown and corona cases started to rise we even went to Bangalore and had a blast!

The one in bangalore
Short Trip to Bengaluru

the three months passed by so rapidly before we came to realize our programme was going to end because of lockdown and all our lives came to a standstill. I learnt a lot of things in those three months just because I wanted to learn and become a better version of myself. Since the lockdown was announced and everyone was making arrangements to travel to their respective hometown. We decided to have our last days together with more conversations and more togetherness because deep down we all knew we can never be that in touch again as we get busy with our lives. So we decided to click a lot of pictures, made funny interviews and epic slow-motion videos. This is to all my friends who were part of my journey and still in with guys are the best and honestly the most humble people I ever met. Do stay the same and keep spreading the love you always have. I love you guys!

coffee break
Coffee/ tea breaks with some of my classmates

First outing
First outing from Campus

The Fun gang

Cool gang - 2

The aweome gang

awesome gang - 2

The adorable gang
G-045, GEC -2 

The adorable gang - 2
Good times
The gang

The toughest part was saying our goodbyes, I mean although we have been there for three months the connections I made....meant more to me, and day after day one after the other friend kept leaving but due to the sudden lockdown some people couldn't get out and I am one of them! More about that on my next post.
The whole three months just made me realize that no matter how small your plan is it always adds up to something big. I mean at the start of my training I couldn't run half a track and by the end of it, I ran 5 full rounds of a full running track. It gives me a rush and made me feel good for the whole day! I was unaware of several things and by the end of the training, I had an idea about how things work in a corporate environment. I wasn't the healthiest sleeper at night but then I would start feeling sleepy sharp by 11 'o'clock. the friends, the place, and the experience was the best thing! although we might make great memories, this one stands out in my list because it was my first step towards adulting and hopefully help us in making better decisions based on our experiences!
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