Rail against the dying day

I got inspired by these beautiful lines from the song - sleep on the floor by The Lumineers. I wrote a few lines about it.

Rail against the dying day
Photo by Fernando @cferdophotography / Unsplash

I got hooked on the song 'Sleep on the floor' by  The Lumineers. The entire piece is beautiful but these lines from the song are just amazing.  

If the sun don't shine, on me today
And if the subways flood and bridges break
Will you lay yourself down and dig your grave
Or will you rail against the dying day?

You know sometimes, the inspiration you need comes in different forms. For me, this was the inspiration. The inspiration to try harder, to be better, to do better things.

I don't know how long I will keep up the inspiration but the lines will stay with me forever - So, I decided to write about it to remind myself that I found this inspiring back when I was feeling low.

So, even if the sun don't shine on me today- I will rail against the dying day.

This will be one of the many lines that inspired but the first one to openly document. Looking forward to more such lines inspiring me and writing about it.

The whole point of writing something down is to remember.

To remember the time that passed by, to remember your journey so far, and most importantly to remember the people you interacted with at the moment.

I want this website of mine - this small, boring place on the vast ocean of the internet to reflect the journey I have been on, and the craziest ideas I have had. The failures I encountered and the little wins occasionally.  

Thanks for reading this post. I truly appreciate your time and attention.

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