Problems Of Being A 'Polyglot'

You must be wondering what does a polyglot mean? why is it a problem? Continue reading to find out more...

Problems Of Being A 'Polyglot'
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You must be wondering what does a polyglot means? why is it a problem?

Relax, a polyglot is nothing but a person who speaks more than two languages. That's it. So if you don't know me; I'm just a casual guy who just completed my engineering and is waiting for the exciting opportunities my life has in store for me. So, how I am a polyglot mother tongue is Tamil, at home, my whole family speaks Tamil and since we stay in Hyderabad, I know  Telugu which is the native language across Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Hindi was my first language in school and so the group of people I was friends with was also native Hindi speakers. English is taught to us right from the first standard with amazing short stories and supplementary novels of the trojan war, Sherlock Holmes, Gulliver's travel; oh man, the nostalgia!

That's how I came to be a polyglot. I didn't know that there was a word for people who speak more than two languages; I used to call myself multi-lingual which I considered right, but one day I was just curious and searched for the word "polyglot" popped out. Anyway, why being a polyglot is a problem, It's hard for me at least.

  • Whenever you are with your friends and happen to switch your language if suddenly someone from the other side started talking in a different language; so I talk in that language and I keep forgetting that one word which helps me convey my message and usually end up saying "uhhhh.....what's that word........" and then couldn't remember and then after giving it a hard five minutes I suddenly remember.
  • When you are a polyglot, you happen to listen to songs in all the languages and you can never listen to songs on loudspeakers and always on the earphone. It happened while my engineering days, so I know English, Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil to speak and I have done my engineering from Chennai whose native language is Tamil, but my roommates were from the northern side of India and spoke only Hindi and English. So, when I first met them they were like "who is this guy among us?" Of course, they didn't know that time that I know Hindi. so after a few days when I talked to them they came to know I know a lot of languages and from then on we were very close.  In the middle of this, I used to play Tamil and Telugu songs on the loudspeakers and they didn't like that at all, so if sharing a room and it bothers them we can't ignore and be selfish so I used earphones and listened by myself.  From then on I never played my music out loud unless they were okay and my music taste also varies like you'll get a variety of songs in the mix. which really makes me feel good after listening for a while.
  • Sometimes while writing, you don't know which language you are best in conveying this message but later stick to English because at least that helps others to at least understand.
  • It's frustrating sometimes to see others just living happily with two languages and I know four and I can do nothing about it. (That's why I'm writing this blog to make myself feel good about being a polyglot).

Being a polyglot also has its benefits:

  • You can adapt to any new environment easily.
  • You can make friends easily.
  • You have this diverse quality of music which makes you appreciate it even more.
  • You can actually make a solid argument that the movie which is remade in a different language is not better than the original.
  • When you are in a place whose native language you're familiar with and your friends are not familiar you can always have your fun.

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