Movies x paintings

Every new idea is a mashup or a remix of previous ideas. I take this thought and started a creative experiment where I add movie scenes and paintings of artists to bring out new magical realism kinda vibe images.

Movies x paintings
Movies x paintings | Melvin Raj

When Austin Kleon said this:

Every new idea is just a mashup or a remix of previous ideas.

I had an idea to put movie scenes or frames and add some of the artists' paintings as the background and look at how it turns out.

Today's post is all about this creative experiment.

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So, first I had this idea when I was re-watching the Rockstar and I saw this frame.

Rockstar movie still
Still from the movie Rockstar

I thought hey, let's try to add the famous Vincent Van Gogh's painting - 'A starry night' as the background for this as this still was kinda dreamy.  

At the time, I got the license for Canva pro to create Instagram posts for my blog posts and  I used Canva to make this happen. When I saw the result. I was excited.

It was something I created, I thought of, and I have made a simple addition of two different things to make something even more meaningful and beautiful.

Anyhow, here is the end result –

RockstarxVangogh's painting | Melvin Raj
RockstarxVangogh's painting

So, then after every now and then, when I am free and don't have anything better to do, I open up the Canva website and mix and match some movie stills with paintings.

After that, there were a few other rockstar movie stills that I added in front of a painting to bring the magical realism kinda stuff to life.

Here are the images: