It's Not Going To Be The Same Anymore

Everyone wants to get back to their normal lives as soon as possible but here are a few issues that are concerning

It's Not Going To Be The Same Anymore
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Let's be honest to ourselves, nobody is in their normal state of mind since the pandemic. Everyone wants to get back to their normal lives as soon as possible which is a good thing but there are some issues with that considering the current situation.

Here's a detailed list of things that we still don't have clarity about:

How is education for students going to continue? Are online classes really the solution? How do the underprivileged students who don't have the amenity of an internet connection get distant education?
What is the future of business sectors like restaurants, cinema halls or any other such atmospheres where social gathering is a must?
what is transportation going to look like?
In which direction does this pandemic has put we need more innovations since we are barged to be by the new norms to exist?
How do we as social animals adapt to such an event which probably has the effect of as long as we are on this planet

These are the questions which are going through many people's minds.....I'm sure you might have many thoughts like can gladly share it in the comments and I'll love to see your point of view on this too...
Well, coming to the answers to these questions are to be given by the authorities who are way better revered than me....but would like to give my thoughts on this

  1. The educational sector, there are approximately 40 crore population who fall under the education sector; which includes schools, colleges universities see the math out of 140 crore people(approx.) in India 40 are students.....that means 30% of the population... We can't and shouldn't neglect that...they are our future. So the only solution I feel is to take examples from other countries, for example in the Philippines, the government is thinking to broadcast their school level education and trying various outcomes with a quiz at the end to make sure whoever is watching or listening to the channel understands. UNESCO  is conducting some mind-boggling hackathons and design prints on how to approach a post-pandemic education to everyone. India is a country which produces 25 per cent of engineers in the world, so if the government takes a step as other nations it would be a great step of promoting Indians and also uncover some great innovations.
  2. Restaurants and other social gathering sectors are hit hard by this pandemic too, they must be able to build a sophisticated yet trustable way of bringing confidence in people to come and avail their services, which is an impressive task if prevailed. The solution for now, in my opinion, would be to have take-outs and just having a live feed of every order from being made till the packaging made visible to the people to gain confidence and also ensuring the safety. Other than that, the opening of dining together can be put a hold for a while until something unique and safest way comes up.
  3. The transportation sector, this sector hit hard because by a survey conducted by IBM with 14000 participants they had asked will they take government transport or a shared cab if they are functioning? Majority of the people refused to do so, the solution comes down to building trust and unique innovations that can bring harmony to our sudden panic-stricken lives.
  4. As stated by the UN Environment Chief, Inger Anderson "Our continued erosion of wild space has brought us uncomfortably close to animal and plants that harbor diseases that can jump to humans." She said, "If we don't take care of nature, we can't take care of ourselves". This is where our lives have been directed to; I mean yes, we are meant to look forward but also to look on the mistakes we made. As social animals, we tend to adapt to situations and this is one situation which we will for sure adapt to just ensuring our rules and regulations regarding the environment are not broken, our lives are in harmony. Just as Mufasa says in the Lion King "we must respect every creature in the world to maintain the delicate balance and the circle of life" of course I understand, you might be thinking how does this connect to us....we save ourselves and not nature every time we seek danger and when nature is in danger it cures itself.
  5. We as humans have always adapted to changes and adjusted with it and believe it or not people hated the thought of a man saying one must wash their hands to protect himself from any illness once upon a time but now everyone washes it as if that hands turn into diamonds. I'm just lightening the mood; continue washing them who know it really turns as diamonds someday?

So all in all, things won't be the same and there is a lot of innovations required to move forward and we can't be held back.....we need to question more, seek answers even more and most importantly being sane through the whole process because remember "WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS".

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