It Does Not Matter

How often do you stop yourself from starting something new — just because you think of other people. In this post, I attempt to make you understand that It does not matter. Continue to read more.....

It Does Not Matter
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I was one of the guys, who was proactive in activities that I like, and I understand some people find it difficult and there is nothing wrong in acknowledging that. For instance, I love reading posts or articles on medium and other blog platforms, whenever, I thought of writing a blog, I had this seed of thought in my head which grows like a giant tree of negative thoughts even before other people read it. so, to calm it down I would always self suggest answers that stopped me from writing and after almost 4 years, I finally had the courage to write one and publish just because I realized it doesn't matter.

The initial stage of fear I had was whether I would be good or not and what will my friends say because not all are into reading. Although no one said any negative thing when I told them about blogs and stuff I had it constantly in my mind that people won't like it, then when pandemic happened and everyone was doing things they liked and posting it online, I came to a realization that it doesn't matter what others think when you think it will work...So one day I  sat down and jotted down a pros and cons list. All that time it only gave limelight to one point that is


So, I started writing blogs when I felt that the topic needs to be written or some sort of idea comes to my mind and then publish. This thing applies to any aspect of your life, no matter what you do, if it is morally and ethically right, and you feel over time you will be good at it,  just do it. I mean what's the worse that could happen, our work will be bad,  then try to be better next time. I saw a lot of my friends trying new things during the pandemic and all were so supportive of each other. Just find yourself some friends who support your decision and encourage you to take a good path and keep doing what you love because It doesn't matter what other people think.

How often do you see people talking about something for an entire month?  No one right, and if probably someone talked about something for a week constantly you will probably tell them to avoid the topic. So, how different will it be with your interests??

It doesn't matter what others think about doesn't matter what you want to do and it definitely doesn't matter how long does it take for you to achieve something.....If it is not working, you can just move on to trying different thing, It will all be alright in the end. Just do what you love, and keep working.....keep your family and friends close.

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In the forthcoming blogs, I should really start writing stories as someday I might make it to a full-fledged book. Just imagine... anyway, that is it for this blog, see you in the next blog.

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