Everything, everyone all at once.

A creator's life is similar to the plot of Everything everywhere all at once. You need to find experiences from the past and blend them together to make a unifying point.

Everything, everyone all at once.
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As a creator, you are the pirate looking for loot from anywhere possible.

You don't need money like the pirates but ideas, and inspiration to keep doing what you enjoy. Β 

One of the interesting parts of a creative journey is to find ideas and bring them in front of your audience, and in this post, I write about finding inspirations and ideas and how to bring them together just in a similar, minute way to everything everywhere all at once – the film (Plot is that the protagonist needs to work with her past and future self to stop a multidimensional villain planning to destroy everything.)

I haven't watched the movie but based on the plot of the film, I am writing this post to help you see how every idea can be interrelated to bring one unified thought out to your audience.

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This is what our brains automatically do after we discover something interesting to do. However, this doesn't stay long. Once the energy is drained, you will go back to looking for inspiration again from everything, everywhere, all at once.

This pattern of doing things, at times when you feel like doing is good. You get the most work done, but after a while, you might not have ideas striking at times and that would lead you to stop doing what you enjoy doing.

You as a creator need to be everything, everywhere all at once. And that is overwhelming. So, to save you from fatigue and crushing days of ideas not coming to you – save for later.

Instead of waiting for inspiration, why not take the approach of finding inspirations and storing them for later? Just like the 'Save for later' feature on Instagram. Β 

In doing this, you will have something to work on every day. Some interesting synapses building from the ideas you saved, and more.

However, once you start doing this process, you will be overwhelmed to store it all in one place. My solution –

Have 3-4 reserves, one when you find something on your phone, one on your laptop, one in a notebook, and one in a digital writing place.

This way when you sit to write, you will have four different places to revisit the ideas you found interesting or insightful for you at some point earlier and you can think about it more and expand on it.

There will be many ideas and all you need to do is to find the best ones and add a lot of your own to them.

For example, to come to the idea of writing from a lot of inspiration came to me from various places.

  1. Steal like an artist by Austin Kleon.
  2. The paradox of abundance by David Parell, and
  3. I was looking to watch the movie everything everywhere all at once and found the summary of the film a lot similar to the idea.

To expand the third point a little more, the plot is about a Chinese immigrant who gets unwillingly embroiled in an epic adventure where she must connect different versions of herself in the parallel universe to stop someone who intends to harm the multiverse.

And after reading this, my immediate thoughts were, wow, as a creator, you need to connect your ideas from your past experiences or from ideas of others whom you saved to use later and bring up a post to help one unifying point.

To summarize, A creator needs to work from an abundance of ideas from others, mix up different ideas, and create interesting patterns. But, in doing so, the process gets exhausting, and might completely stop writing eventually.

Hence, to keep the habit of writing consistently, you must write from abundance or not wait for inspiration to do everything, everywhere all at once.

Keep your vaults of inspiration/ideas, and use them when writing or doing any creative work.

Thank you for reading.

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