Day 46

Writing is a skill. In here I send notes of my writing from the 50 days of writing course by David Perell, to reflect, develop and build my writing style.

Day 46
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In the 46th email from the 50 days of writing, David Perell deplores about Finding Your Scenius.

The term 'Scenius' instead of genius in the ancient world, which meant - Intelligence and Intuition of a cultural scene, as if genius is a communal pursuit as much as an individual one. In Eno’s words -

“If genius is the creative intelligence of an individual, Scenius is the creative intelligence of a group.”

​Stripe founder Patrick Collison said: "Looking backwards, it’s striking how unevenly distributed progress has been in the past...the discoveries that came to elevate standards of living for everyone arose in comparatively tiny geographic pockets of innovative effort.”

Scenius is moving beyond physical geography. It’s happening on the Internet now. And it’s alive in obscure Discord forums, private group chats, and online schools.

My thoughts:

​Scenius is providing your audience a place to discuss ideas and build relationships. With you writings, invite them to a personal slack and discord channel or provide weekly emails for your audience to read what you are reading.

I am starting "Weekly Brew". Every Saturday starting January 1, 2022. I will be sending out weekly curated articles,  tweets, videos along with some personal writings on thinking better and writing. Join the "Weekly Brew" to get started.

After building a bridge between public and private platform, people would want different things and you will be in the driving seat, so you need to steer in the way which is good.

Scenius is having and forming the group of people who believe in the idea and work effortlessly in achieving them. These people drive any amounts of people wit them and build more powerful community.

Key takeaways would be,

  1. Build a bridge for readers to come from public to private platforms.
  2. Have a place to exchange ideas and talk about systems.
  3. Create A Scenius, to have better ideas and reach (potentially.)

Thank you for reading.

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