Day 11

Writing is a skill. In here I send notes of my writing from the 50 days of writing course by David Perell, to reflect, develop and build my writing style.

Day 11
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In the 11th email from 50 day writing course by David Perell, he explains to us that we already have a voice. He goes on to say

“All my interesting ideas have already been written about.” I’ve heard that line from some of the most creative and idiosyncratic people I know, and it’s nonsense. In person, they know they’re unique. They’re even proud of their differences. But once it’s time to write, they develop an existential fear of not being original enough and compensate by writing like a try-to-impress-everybody consultant with the personality of a doorknob.

He even mentions how in our journey we fall, we get back up, and keep going. Our voices don' reveal itself until you listen to our intuition. he says in order to engage your audience we must be crazy. We must show our crazy side as that is what we as humans look for in others and we are getting it out of the others.

Everybody has a voice, just like everybody has a personality. Both are a collection of all the ways you’re different, but they’re invisible until you socialize. Your best readers will be drawn to your voice, so nurture it with unique experiences and a cocktail of obscure influences. - David perell

In this email, the overall concept that was provided to us is that we need to keep on writing and observe every bit of reaction on the responses we get ad finally double down when the sync of others reaction is closer to ours.

My Thoughts:

I understand what David meant to say about thinking that every Idea I have is actually been written and we never have another option but to keep on thinking and waiting for that one idea that just ends up being someone's first thought as well.

I was in second year of my college when I decided I will start a blog but wasn't sure about how others will react and how it might be a bad idea.

Now that I look back I must have been at least a better writer by now, but imagining wont get me started but writing my thoughts and building my own ideas on top of ideas.  I have to admit, this way I learn more about the points they are trying to make and also believe the point that I m bringing up as is this interesting.

Writing interestingly has this effect where you check for your own thoughts and start to analyze it as is this factually correct. I guess that is why Neil deGrasse Tyson always writes down.  

I finally started writing last year on June 14th, 2020 was the first ever post I published and the mistake I have done was to not share it with anyone online. where the effort and hard work is not seen. I later on started posting and it was a good feeling.

I am writing consistently for the past 20 days(approx.) on one topic or the other. I have been improving a lot and the feeling of learning something new everyday keeps me excited. The only issue right now is I work full time and my work is based on shifts - so every week its a new sleep schedule and I am really struggling to find the rhythm and the schedule but still making time here and there.

I have written a latest post on how to get started in writing a blog. You can even checkout my older posts about the lockdown and the whole pandemic to get to know how far I have come.

In conclusion, I would like to say that you must start being consistent and voice is something you have but haven't been putting forward which you will be after a while when you are comfortable. Take your friends for example, were you good friends right from the moment you met them, no right? If yes, you may leave the website. Seriously, close the tab and watch something you feel is interesting. You just have one thing to look out for i.e. being consistent.

You must learn about the other person, talk to them to understand. Do epic things together. That is when the friends and the relationship grows stronger.

Give time to your writing and don't keep on waiting thinking the ideas that comes to you must be unique. Everybody is unique, the writing lets you hone down on the voice that resonates with the audience and yourself, if you give it a chance to grow.

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