A list of Curated readings

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A list of Curated readings
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Hey Friends —

You want to spread the web of reading and would love to find out more about my reading lists and the people I follow.

Well, this page will cover all that.

The Internet is an amazing place, it can help you connect with people, it can help you build something for other people. It can help share a cause and create an impact.

Internet is also the place where writers can share their work, What Whiskey is to writers of the pre-internet, the page of curated lists is for us. It helps us reflect on the thoughts of other writers who are far better at writing and add our own ideas, or build on top of them to make this a better place.

Here's a list of my favorite articles from people I admire:

  1. David Perell's — Note-Taking is time travel
  2. Ali Abdaal's — How to stay focused
  3. James Clear's — Zenshin
  4. Manas Saloi's — The Simplest Narrative
  5. Nabeel Qureshi's — Video Games are the Future of Education
  6. Li Jin's — Building the Middle Class of the Creator Economy
  7. David Perell's — Ultimate guide to writing online
  8. James Clear's — How to read more
  9. Paras Chopra's Tweet Threads are a hidden Gem
  10. Tiago Forte's — The PARA Method: A Universal System For Organizing Digital Information
  11. Tiago Forte's — Building A Second Brain
  12. Waitbutwhy — Why Procrastinators Procrastinate
  13. Sahil Bloom — When Mental Models Attack
  14. Raptitude - How To Recover From Pandemic Induced Mind Fog
  15. Farnam Street - Reading Better
  16. Austin Kleon - How A Talk Begins
  17. Karthi Subbaraman - Articulation
  18. Benedict Evans - Notes On Newsletters
  19. John Nicholas - Fisherman's Guide To Writing

To find out more about the people who wrote the mentioned articles above —

About - David Perell
Hi, I’m David Perell. I write, host a podcast, and run a writing school called Write of Passage. Each week, I write two popular emails. Monday Musings is a collection of the coolest things I learn every week. Meanwhile, Friday Finds is a links-only newsletter where I only share the kinds of ideas yo…
About Me
As of August 2020, I’ve been a doctor in the UK for two years, and I’m now taking a 1-year sabbatical from Medicine to explore my other interests.
Li’s Newsletter
Aspirationally weekly musings on consumer culture, tech, and the future.
About James Clear
Read this page to learn about James Clear, his work, and his mission.
Manas J. Saloi
I create useful things and share my learnings.
About Paras Chopra
About Forte Labs - Forte Labs
We believe in a future of work that is human-centered WHO WE ARE Forte Labs is an education company led by founder Tiago Forte. Our mission is to train knowledge workers in how to use technology to radically improve their productivity. WHAT WE DO Our online courses, live workshops, and content equip…
Wait But Why
A popular long-form, stick-figure-illustrated blog about almost everything.
The Curiosity Chronicle | Sahil Bloom | Substack
Delivering curiosity-inducing content every single week.
Raptitude.com – Getting Better at Being Human
A street-level look at being human
Learn faster, Think better, and make Smart Decisions
Timeless lessons and insights that help you think better, learn faster, and make smart decisions.
How a talk begins
A dispatch from the middle of trying to figure out what I want to say
The single most reason why product makers don’t grow to their max potential in their career path is lack of articulation. Articulation = Clarity + Expression + Language The more clear you are, your ability to articulate increases exponentially. It is our inability to articulate that we are unab…
About & Contact — Benedict Evans
The Fisherman’s Guide to Writing
My friends who are writing-curious often ask me how to come up with ideas towrite about. This is something I also struggle with from time to time. I encounter a sense ofpanic when I didn’t know what to write about or what to put in my nextnewsletter.

This page will keep on growing with me as I learn more I will keep adding articles and their Twitter profiles for you to deep dive into their thoughts put on a page.

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Thank you for reading.