The best ADVICE from the book 'Steal Like An Artist'

The best ADVICE from the book 'Steal Like An Artist'

Hey friends, ever since I started this website to share what I learn and write about things that excite me the most. A lot of the stuff online has been to keep working, taking that leap of faith, and you have to be original to make an impact.

Then, a few months ago, I ordered the book "Steal Like An Artist" by Austin Kleon. At first glance, you will feel that this book is for artists. But, I guarantee you that this book is for everyone. You can complete this book in 2-3 hours, but the insights shared in this book will stay in your mind forever.

There are many great insights you can read from this book but I want to share one piece of advice from this book no matter who you are and what you do must be remembered at all times.

I say this again and again because of a quote I found in this book  -

Everything that needs to be said has already been said. But, since no one was listening, everything must be said again. - André Gide.

So, the advice that is super helpful and is always in the back of my head is -

Stay out of debt. Learn about money as soon as you can. Live within your means. Keep your day job until you have made enough to live off things you truly love. A job can offer connections with people and a monthly stable money flow to run your family. Don't believe otherwise. 

Yes, taking a leap of faith is important but not so much to put yourself in a position where you are homeless, moneyless, and sometimes without food. You don't have to do that. With current technologies, you can find a job that can put food, on the table, and on the side, you can work on things you love.

Take care of yourself. The whole image of leaving the job to pursue the life you want is being played out for too long. I see a little change where people are investing a lot more time in taking care of themselves. But building better relationships with health, money, and people is the main focus.

Honestly, we see people advising us to take the leap, to do more work, and more importantly that we can never move forward if we don't put in all the work. Nobody understands what you need better than you. So, the priority must be you. Nobody else, but you.

So, your priority must be to have a healthy life, with proper physical and mental fitness. Then, the priority should be on being financially independent to work on things you love.

I personally have found this book to be the first book to say to stay out of debt and you can actually work on things you love while keeping your job. It is a way to keep going and more.

Why do I have this advice stuck in my mind?

This advice I believe is the fundamentals of living. These are not new, there are plenty of other writers, thought-leaders who have told but since nobody listens he said it again through the lens of the artists.

That is why ever since I read it I am still remembering and working towards it. I don't have any huge debts per se. I try to be good online and offline and most importantly. I work on things I love.

So, this advice is the reason why I changed my process of how to create something for myself.

Living within your means is something I am learning and will share my thoughts in a later post because I don't have the data to write more on it (the story which I will share at some point for sure.)

So, to highlight the advice once again:

  1. Stay out of debt.
  2. Take care of yourself.
  3. Keep your day job until you have made enough to live off things you truly love.

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