5 Types of newsletters you can start

Writing a newsletter is easier than you think; consistency and providing value with each newsletter issue is the hard part. In this post, I share points on why, how, and where to get started with newsletters and the types of newsletters you can get started.

5 Types of newsletters you can start
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Hey friends, ever wondered how to start a newsletter and most importantly where to get started? In this article, you will find the why, where, and how to get started.  

It is just a way to encourage more people to write and create something fun. In the changing technologies, emails stand out to be the most utilitarian tool to exist. No matter what people keep their inboxes close to them than any other mode of internet communication. From signing up to starting to use a new application to get the latest updates on a product, emails are used.

These emails are now being sent out from person to person to keep updates and more. It is a new way to build engagement with people. Now, you get more freedom. So, why not as a creator or someone who wants to leverage the internet to be part of something that helps in building relationships.

Why start a newsletter?

It is an excellent way to have a closer relationship because email inboxes are personal spaces. The people who subscribe to you permit you to send them updates or interesting content.

You can be the bridge between new content and people subscribed to you. It is one good way to give people something valuable whenever you send it.

I am saying this just to get you on the right path - When starting a newsletter never assume you can get to where you want to be quicker. It takes a lot of time to build a successful newsletter. But building a newsletter is the fun part, where you get to learn from mistakes, keep improving on minor things, sharing bits of your newsletter on different social media platforms to get a few more people to find you.

It is a lot of work but the best way is to get started and keep improving them as you go. With that being said, writing a newsletter is the best decision I have made in recent years. To me, writing a newsletter is to help me be -

  1. Write consistently every week
  2. Be clear on what I intend to share
  3. Develop a skill to show and not tell.

It can be any motive you choose but writing a newsletter benefits you more than you think. Now, after answering why to start a newsletter, let's look at where can you get started.

Where to get started?

Writing a newsletter is easier than you think but the consistency and providing value with each newsletter issue is the hard part. People expect something when they sign up for a newsletter. You need to give them the reason to keep opening your email.

This is why as a person who wants to get started on writing and needs help in being more consistent - a newsletter is a place to start and I would suggest trying either one of these platforms:


Substack is a writing platform that is simple and efficient. It sends out posts as a newsletter but also has a place people can come and read. You can start a business writing on substack. You can charge a subscription to readers to read what you are sharing.


Ghost is a platform where creators can get started as a business.   It is similar to substack but you own your audience. It means you will be able to handle your subscriptions and you can move them wherever you like, and ghost doesn't take a fee from your revenue.

I use ghost but it is a paid tool, so if you are just starting - I would recommend writing on substack and then deciding. In case you decided to start on the ghost, sign up from this link below and start the paid version, I get a small kick when you sign up.

How to get started on a newsletter?

Getting started on a newsletter has some pretty basic rules. You must be following them to be clear and informed in all possible ways.

1. Set a frequency of sending the newsletter:

Newsletters can be sent daily, alternate days, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, every quarter, Half yearly, and yearly.

It is totally up to you.

But consistent writing takes time to build and I would suggest picking a time frame of weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

If you start sending newsletters daily right from the beginning, It will bound your time to it. Meaning you won’t be able to do anything else. Since I am assuming all have some other work to do to earn and make a living. Making a frequency set, in the beginning, is better.

I publish my newsletter - weekly brew weekly on Saturdays.

Also, it helps people who subscribe to you, be aware of when to expect your emails in their inbox.

It is a good practice.

2. Be clear on what people can expect when they sign up:

Clearly state what they can expect from you in this newsletter. That’s it.

In stating that you will find more about what your interests are and what you want to share.

This helped me change mine from sharing interesting resources → Brewing interesting articles, videos, tweets, and much more from all over the internet as a newsletter called Weekly Brew every Saturday!

It helps in bringing more clarity on what they and you should be sending.

3. Never Add someone’s email without their permission:

Would you go to someone’s Instagram profile and hit a follow back to yourself, when you just met them. No right. It’s the same with email. They don't even know you. why would you send them your articles?

It gives out a negative intent to them and they may block you and you may lose the account.

So, no adding of emails without their permission.

4. Don’t over-stress about the numbers:

It is hard for people to not look at numbers. I particularly am one of them. I can’t wait for numbers as soon s I send them but I usually get disappointed.

This changed when I told myself, that my goal is to write more weekly and not to hit a number.

You can change yours to share one topic and not the number of subscribers.

Lastly, once you are clear on these rules and decided to start a newsletter, the below section will decide what type of newsletter you will be starting.

Types of newsletters you can start today?

Once you get familiar with how to get started and set good practices first - this will be a good time to think about what type of newsletter you are going to write.

Personal curations:

This newsletter is about you and what you like. If you share your interests in say, music and listen to some of the most authentic and local musicians you can be the bridge between that music and new people.

Personal thoughts:

This can be a little intimidating for people who haven’t shared online that much but people want to listen and read the thoughts of others. I love reading them, so it's fair to assume lots of people like them.

Topics from what you are currently studying:

We all are learning something or another. You can share about those. I tell my brother - who is currently studying undergrad hotel management to start a newsletter sharing topics that can help a person know more about the industry.

Start a local newsletter :

You can share the local news in a good way. You can write about places to eat, write about spots to have the best chai and conversations, and more...

Lastly, a hybrid newsletter:

This is a mixture of all those but the way to attract new people and help them find what they are looking for will be difficult. I say it is difficult because people need specific things first.

If you are someone who is doing multiple things on the side, then, the hybrid-type newsletter will work best. Or else, start with either of the first 4.

I can give a lot of examples for each one but you must understand what you want to share and which type of newsletter will you be writing and then you can look for references.

So, after deciding you can absolutely look for reference by doing a google search with newsletter who x, where x is the type of newsletter you decided on starting.

That is all I have to share about newsletters. Now, these are collected from personal experiences and may vary to you but feel free to take pointers that are relevant to you and leave the rest.

Lastly, if you want to receive my newsletter called 'weekly brew', a weekly newsletter, that shares personal updates, my curations from the past week, and one tip on living a healthier and better life every Saturday. Join by signing up below or click the link here: