4 Lessons That Differ In Real Life From School

4 main differences I found between what was taught in school and what happens in real life. This is to talk about learning and unlearning

4 Lessons That Differ In Real Life From School
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Hey friends,

There are many things you might have heard in school that just stuck with you for a long time. Well, I too heard and once I came out of school and college, I started to notice things very differently. Here are 4 main differences I found between what was taught in school and what happens in real life.

1. Don't judge a book by its cover:

We are told don't judge a book by its cover. It is true to some extent but having a decent cover is necessary.  Most people don't judge by the cover but we are definitely interested in a book that has a beautifully designed cover sometimes.

At the current speed of our lives, we can put up a little extra effort to have a decent cover(Neither the top-notch hip-fashion nor the boxers on shirts kinda attire.). Be it professionally how you present yourself, personally how you share ideas with the world - pack them in a decent cover.

2. The more you add to your writing, the better you are at the topic:

This is what the essay competitions, long-form answers, and even the presentations in school have taught us. I remember I got fewer marks once because I didn't describe it enough and the reason I got decent marks, good enough to pass was that I wrote about topics related to and I have listened to in the class half-hearted.

So, writing a lot may benefit in school/college but the online and real-world doesn't have time to read unless you have proven them once that you write well.

Writing online and once out of college life has taught me one thing.  Keep it simple. Although sometimes you may need to fill spaces to make your point, it must be simple.

3. The more you work hard, the more you will succeed:

I am sure most of us have been in this place where parents, teachers, and every other person who has an opinion tells this. I am not against hard work, but in the future, we are going into, hard work is not sufficient.

We must be fluid like water. Adapt to any situation.

How to do that? I don't know.  I am still learning.

One thing I can tell for sure that will speed the process is to be open about conversations, opportunities, ideas, and changes.

4. This may be a personal view, but being told to be nice all the time:

You can't always be nice and you shouldn't expect from others as well. Oftentimes, we have moments where we can't say anything and the only option is to be nice and move away.

However, there are times when we mind our business but someone comes in to ruin our mood. It is okay to let them know you are not okay with him disturbing in whatever slang you and the person often interact with.

Holding things to yourself, not letting others know how you feel, and not speaking up when needed will all be considered nice if you think it is the right thing but it isn't. Know when to speak up.

In conclusion, all I want to address with this article is don't be so hard by what you believed in childhood(school/college) times. Things change, adapt accordingly, and act. I noticed these a long time ago but written it down recently because I recently have heard someone say "Don't judge a book by its cover" and it resurfaced kind of.

I wrote this article to tell you and myself one thing that is -

Learn and unlearn

We need to constantly be learning things and unlearning things that aren't relevant anymore. I suppose we can at least try. Just like Austin Kleon says in his book "Steal Like An Artist"

Garbage In, Garbage Out.

What are some of the school and college learnings that you had to unlearn in real life?  

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